Sweetness: The Best $40 You’ll Ever Spend on a Hair Product

When I was 10, I decided I really wanted a bob. At that point, my hair came down to my waist, and I thought that long hair made me look like a little kid. Short hair would surely make me a more official member of the double digit club.

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray
The patron saint of curly haired girls with Winnie Cooper bangs

The only problem with this idea was that I had/have really curly hair. With a head full of thick yet inexplicably fine hair, the bob was basically the worst possible hair cut for me. My mom told me she’d let me do it, but I’d probably have to relax my hair (something she really didn’t want me to do). I insisted on a bob, and then spent months with hair like The Simpsons’ Selma Bouvier. So, I took my mom’s advice, and I got a relaxer and my hair took on a more manageable state.

In the years since, my hair has still fallen victim to humidity–it always reverts to its natural state whether I’ve relaxed it or not. And now that I’ve stopped relaxing my hair entirely (because my hair simply couldn’t take endless applications of lye–a subject for another blog post), my hair is even more susceptible to the sadness of whatever weather conditions I’m enduring. But my desire for hairstyles that seem verboten for curly haired ladies has not ceased.

In December, I decided to get bangs. My hairstylist advised me to get a Keratin express treatment on just the bang area, which keeps the hair from curling up and making me look like I had a particularly unfortunate run-in with a pair of scissors. She also urged me to purchase Oribe’s Anti-Humidity Spray. And with a $40 price tag, I was super hesitant. But you know what? This sh*t is for real. It doesn’t leave my hair chunky or dry, it smells nice, and it has successfully withstood the weird breed of Seattle rain that finds its way to your hair despite the presence of an umbrella.

It’s not cheap, but things this good rarely are.

Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray available online ($39 for 5.5 fl. oz. or $19.50 for 2.2 fl. oz.), or, if you’re in the Seattle area, at Gene Juarez Salon and Spa.


Sweetness: Adult Beverages

I was late to the Harry Potter phenomenon. How late? Late enough that third to last movie was in dollar theaters by the time I laid my 25-year-old mitts on the final book. But I devoured the books with the intensity of every other self-respecting person in the Western world and enjoyed every moment of them.

Any of my friends will tell you that I am a tough sell on fantasy and science fiction–I need books that take flights of fancy but are ultimately grounded in the world around me. So, J.K. Rowling’s mix of muggles and magic appealed to me on many levels. And I was positive that the inspiration for butterbeer had to be rooted in a real life drink.

In the past several years, I’ve made more than a few sickeningly sweet and borderline disgusting (nope, not even borderline, just flat out gross) variations of butterbeer…always so, so disappointed. Until last night.

A couple of friends and I popped into Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery in Ballard. It’s a tiny, dimly lit shop that smells like sugar and butter and chocolate. It’s the kind of place that seems tailor made for the cold, bleak, gray days that span the months of November through July in Seattle. And they serve butterbeer. Theirs is a heady mixture of Butterscotch, apple cider, ginger, and sparkling wine. It was warm and frothy, and delicious. And for this adult Harry Potter fan? A downright magical concoction.