The Friday Five: Getting Through the Work Week Edition

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still kind of getting used to the post-holiday schedule (I mean, everyone in America is basically on some kind of reduced schedule from Thanksgiving until the week after New Year’s), and work has been a bit stressful this week. So these are the things that kept me calm(ish), sane(ish), and happy this week!

5. Buzzfeed’s “23 Songs That Make The World Your Personal Catwalk”

Last week, Buzzfeed published this amazing playlist of songs that make you feel like you’re walking down a catwalk. And even though stomping my way up a rain slick aisle on a Seattle city bus is pretty far from a catwalk at fashion week in Paris, I’ve got my commute version of Coco Rocha going strong. You better werq.

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